Are there any out of pocket expenses?

NO out-of-pocket expenses to you, absolutely NONE, GUARANTEED

Do I need good credit or a job?

NO credit score, proof of employment or income verification required

Do I have to move out?

NO being pushed to move out, but you have that option at any time

Is there a lot of paperwork?

NO long forms or complicated applications to fill out

What if my home is not in the best shape?

NO appraisals or bank home inspectors to check code violations or damage

Is there an age requirement?

NO age requirement or U.S government guidelines like a reverse mortgage

Can I get all my money at once?

NO restrictions on how you use your CASH, and lump sum distributions are ok

Is it a long process?

NO waiting for loan officers or bank underwriter decisions

My credit history is not the best. Is this for me?

NO being judged because of credit issues, foreclosure, liens, bankruptcy or legal history

I have a small condo. Can I still use your service?

NO discrimination on the type of home because houses, townhomes and condos are all considered

Frequently Asked Questions - Answered