My brother and I needed some money to hold us over until our legal case settled. Home Hitch offered us an unbelievable deal that got us the cash we needed without having to move out of the home we grew up in, just for a TEMPORARY need of cash. They kept it all professional and confidential. To anyone that needs money just to hold you over, PLEASE call them BEFORE you sign away your home or do anything stupid!

Dean R. Margate, Florida

My wife and I didn't trust anyone, until now! Home Hitch is exactly as they present themselves, a private investor. Although their service is relatively new to Florida, they have been quietly helping hundreds of homeowners throughout the country for nearly 10 years. They are truly helping families get quick cash, without hassles or judging. I just hope they never change the humility and compassion of who they are AFTER they become a household word. I heard this service got started after one of the founders lost his home in a divorce and filed bankruptcy. Now they help people with similar problems!

Randy L. Davie, Florida

My husband needed emergency surgery. We needed money but didn't have enough income to refinance in order to get cash out of our house. We were close to selling to a flipper for some fast cash when a neighbor told us about Home Hitch. Home Hitch gave us options to get the cash needed and NOT move out! You really are a "life saver" Home Hitch. God bless you!

Sara K. Hollywood, Florida

Just call to at least find out how they can help you in your situation, short term or long - it doesn't matter! And without a penny out of your pocket. It sounds too good to be true, but it isn't. The Home Hitch approach isn't for everyone as everyone's situation is different. But if you need quick cash and want to stay in your home, their proven solutions can really make good sense for homeowners to seriously consider.

Teresa A. Fort Lauderdale, Florida