OUR MISSION is to help homeowners and their families in neighborhoods across America have the freedom to STAY in their homes they love while quickly and easily receiving the immediate CASH they deserve. Our secure service was specifically designed many years ago by experienced, caring professionals who have already dedicated themselves to years of helping hundreds of U.S. homeowners feel emotionally and financially secure in their homes and are passionate about giving back to revitalize homeowners and their communities. Our customized options are perfectly designed for homeowners who enjoy their home, need immediate CASH, but want an alternative to moving out or jumping through hoops with banks, lenders, mortgage companies or government programs. We hope that if you can’t take advantage of this offer at this time that you tell your friends and loved ones about Home Hitch so they can stop worrying about their home and cash. Help them feel safe.

If YOU feel we can help you, DON’T  go through it alone. CONTACT US TODAY!

Take a minute to review some of the benefits of using Home Hitch!

-NO out-of-pocket expenses to you, absolutely NONE, GUARANTEED

-NO credit score, proof of employment or income verification

-NO being pushed to move out, but you have that option at any time

-NO long forms or complicated applications to fill out

-NO appraisals or bank home inspectors to check code violations or damage

-NO age requirement or U.S government guidelines like a reverse mortgage

-NO restrictions on how you use your CASH, and lump sum distributions are ok

-NO waiting for loan officers or bank underwriter decisions

-NO being judged because of credit issues, foreclosure, liens, bankruptcy or legal history

-NO discrimination on type of home because houses, townhomes and condos are all considered

Freedom for homeowners to STAY in their homes they love while quickly and easily receiving the immediate CASH they deserve!